Andrew Foley Jones

Andrew Foley Jones


A solicitor of over 20 years’ experience, Andrew deals with a wide range of commercial matters assisting a wide range of clients from individuals, partnerships, limited companies and PLCs. 

Andrew has certain niche areas of specialism including the sale and acquisition of various businesses including work in the healthcare sector including in particular optometrists, dentists and care home owners together with work in the hospitability trade, including the sale, acquisition and refinancing of restaurants, coffee shops, public houses and holiday parks. He also deals with the acquisition of land for development purposes and the subsequent setting up of developments for onward sale in the form of plot sales. He also deals with the sale, acquisition of all types of residential and commercial property. 

Andrew is also the self-proclaimed manager/coach and midfield dynamo of the Mackenzie Jones Football Team who have just entered into their twelfth season without defeat. He has also been awarded the accolade of being the second funniest Director and was also the winner and proud holder of the Mackenzie Jones Best Beard Award up until August 2019 when he at long last decided to have a shave. 

He is also a keen traveller and can often be found spending his spare time exploring the lesser explored areas of the world having travelled extensively across Asia, Australia, the Middle East and North America. He has also been known to join the hordes of Welsh Football Fans across Europe, often taking the opportunity to visit the more obscure countries in the region including a recent trip through Moldova, Ukraine and somehow ending up in Kosovo. 

He also enjoys mountaineering having recently completed a three peaks charity walk and has also recently trekked across Iceland (the Country not the supermarket). 

Andrew also has a second life as a fiction writer having had his first novel published in 2008 with the cryptically entitled Seductive Amoebae followed by the release of Starbucks Ate My Lobster in 2013 and with a current novel currently being completed based upon an as yet unnamed legal practice. Rumours of a potential defamation group action by his friends are quite possibly true. For details of Andrew’s book and a shameless plug, please visit

Andrew is also our appointed Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration (COFA). If you need to contact Andrew please call him on 01745 536030 or send an email to