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Property Development

Our team has significant experience of advising and acting for builders and developers across the region. We are legal advisers to developers of varying sizes, and provide legal support in the purchase of land and site assembly.


Options are used within a wide variety of property transactions and can take many forms. For example, you may wish to grant an option for a buyer to purchase from you subject to the grant of planning permission in the future, or to build on a certain plot of land. We can draft or review legal documents to ensure your best interests are served.

We also handle all the legal requirements of the eventual sale of plots on developments. This includes drafting contracts, establishing evidence of ownership, carrying out searches, and dealing with planning permissions, building regulations approvals and building guarantees.

Conditional contracts

Our team can draw up a contract that is conditional to the happening of an event, for example the granting of satisfactory planning permission. Great care is needed in drafting a conditional contract to avoid disputes as to whether a permission is satisfactory or not, and to deal with the time scales for satisfying the condition.


It may be appropriate to make a provision for overage in certain transactions to protect your interests in the future. Overage may be relevant if you are selling land, for example that could become more valuable in the future if planning permission is granted. This area of law is constantly evolving so it is important to be fully versed on the legal requirements.

Site assembly

Site assembly involves dealing with a number of different landowners for a specific site. This normally means dealing with different solicitors and different titles. We can coordinate the process to ensure the whole site can be developed.