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If you are remortgaging your property, or indeed mortgaging your property, we provide all the necessary legal advice to complete the transaction to suit your timescale.

People find themselves remortgaging properties for various different reasons. It could be to raise money for another purchase, to make alterations or simply to change the rate once your fixed period has come to an end.

With interest rates currently at an all time low, remortgaging is a great way to take advantage of a better rate of interest that may now be available, that was not available at the time of initial purchase.

Here at Mackenzie Jones all of our clients remortgaging a property are allocated an experienced conveyancer who will deal with your transaction from start to finish. You will be told from the outset who the main fee earner is acting for you and whom they are supported by. You will therefore have two main points of contact throughout the transaction always available to guide you through the process.

Mackenzie Jones are on all major bank and building society lender panels and can therefore act on behalf of your lender and yourself.  This ensures that the transaction proceeds as quickly and as smoothly as possible. 

As part of our full service, we will advise you of the lender's requirements and what searches they require.   Often a lender may accept no search indemnity insurance in the absence of a Water and Drainage and Local Authority search.  If so, this can smooth out the process and also make it less expensive for you.

We will check the property title deeds and documents and advise you accordingly.

We will also advise you fully of your obligations under the mortgage offer and will prepare and send to you a Mortgage Deed for you to sign and complete to finalise the process.

We will always ensure that every step is explained in the simplest of form so that it is easy for you to understand.