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Cosmetic Surgery Negligence Claims


Cosmetic surgery is becoming ever more popular and as a result, the number of cosmetic surgery negligence cases in the UK is on the increase.

At Mackenzie Jones Solicitors we understand that an undesirable outcome can have a devastating effect and can cause not only physical but emotional distress.

Cosmetic surgery negligence claims often arise because surgery has not been carried out with the necessary care and skill by the Surgeon or because unnecessary complications have arisen following surgery.

Cosmetic surgery claims differ from traditional medical negligence claims in that the surgery is elective, most patients self-refer and pay privately for the treatment. This can raise some complex legal issues which must be taken into account. It is therefore imperative that you consult a specialist Solicitor.

At Mackenzie Jones Solicitors we can assist with claims arising out of the following:

If you have believe that you have suffered personal injury after undergoing cosmetic surgery contact us today on 01745 536030 or complete one of our online call back forms to discuss what we can do for you.