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Fatal Accident Claim Solicitors

At Mackenzie Jones Solicitors we understand that claiming compensation will be the last thing on your mind if a loved one has been killed following an accident. However, if the fatal accident was someone else's fault and you are a family member of the deceased, then you may be entitled to make a fatal accident injury claim.

Mackenzie Jones Solicitors understands that while no amount of money can ever fully compensate you for the loss of a loved one it can help to cover the cost of funeral arrangements, household expenses and can provide long term financial support.

At Mackenzie Jones Solicitors we have dealt with many fatal injury claims after people have been killed in accidents at work, road traffic accidents,clinical negligence or as a result of an illness or disease they contracted at work.

Our team of specialist Solicitors will handle your claim in a sensitive and understanding manner. We understand that claims involving the death of a loved one are the most stressful and we would hope to relieve you of some of the stress by guiding you through the process of making a fatal accident claim.

To find out if we can assist with your potential claim, contact us today on 01745 536030 or complete one of our online call back forms.