Voluntary Land Registrations

All transactions involving land and property now have to be registered at the Land Registry. This has not, however, always been the case.

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This means that whilst many properties and land are registered, there is land and properties across England and Wales that remain unregistered. Indeed, approximately 25% of all land and properties in England and Wales remain unregistered.

The Land Registry actively encourages voluntary registration which is a choice you can make today which our property specialists at Mackenzie Jones can deal with on your behalf.

Why should you register your land and property?

  • State backed registration gives security of title, proving you with better protection against claims of adverse possession.
  • Registration gives you greater certainty about what you own.
  • Once registered, you are in an ideal position if you decide to sell all or some of your property.  Potential buyers increasingly expect land to be registered before buying.
  • Land registration simplifies the conveyancing process which in turn can make transactions easier and potentially less costly for all involved.
  • As a reflection of the attempt of the Land Registry to encourage voluntary land registration, a 25% discount is available to all first time voluntary registration applicants.
  • Voluntary registration provides you with an official plan of your land or property.
  • Voluntary land registration can help to prevent fraud which can result from the copying or withholding of unregistered title deeds.

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