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Accidents In Public Places Solicitors

Many people suffer personal injuries each year following accidents which occur in public places.

Businesses and public bodies, such as Councils, have a legal duty to minimise the risk that someone might be hurt in their premises or places that they are responsible for maintaining. Where we can prove that your personal injuries were caused as a result of their failure to comply with that duty then we can pursue a personal injury compensation claim on your behalf.

Mackenzie Jones Solicitors have a great deal of experience in handling claims arising out of accidents in public places. We have been successful in acting for clients who have:

-  Tripped on uneven pavements/kerbstones/potholes

- Slipped on snow or ice

- Slipped on a wet floor in a supermarket, shopping area or other public place

- Been injured in a public place as a result of a falling object

- Fallen into unguarded excavations

- Tripped over disregarded items in a supermarket

Our team of specialist Solicitors will be able to assess the individual circumstances of your accident and provide you with advice as to whether your claim is worth pursuing.

To find out if we can help with your accident in a public place claim, contact us today on 01745 536030 or complete one of our online call back forms.