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At Mackenzie Jones we believe that a child's happiness and well being is essential and therefore this is at the forefront of any advice we provide to our clients.

A separation can be very traumatic on both the parents and also the children and therefore it is key that the parties remain as amicable as possible.  However we acknowledge that this is not always the case and that unfortunately communications do breakdown.  We are therefore able to provide advice and support for our clients in respect of a number of issues that may involve the children.

We are experienced in assisting our clients who require advice with regards to where and with whom the children should live and also to what level of contact the children are to have with each parent.  We can assist in negotiating these matters and if necessary making the appropriate applications to court. 

As well as providing advice and support in respect of living with and spending time with issues, we can also assist you with specific issue and prohibited steps orders.  In addition we can provide advice and if necessary assist our clients in applying for parental responsibility.