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Will Writing Services and Estate Planning

Everyone needs to get a Will written. If an individual does not have a Will, then their estate gets distributed in accordance to the rules of intestacy.

The Rules of Intestacy are rules set out by statute law on how an estate will be distributed if there is no Will.

However, different individuals and families need different Wills. A single individual will require a different Will than a family where one of the parents has children from a previous relationship. Mackenzie Jones never writes a Will from a questionnaire, we take the time to discuss any requirements with you so that your Will is tailored and specific to you, your needs and your family or life circumstances.

Will Writing Services

We provide both a comprehensive and bespoke will writing service, and an estate planning service, to clients across Chester, North Wales and beyond.  Where possible, we will always try to meet with you in person to fully consider your individual requirements.  We find that working closely with our clients and discussing their requirements at length ensures the best possible outcome, and avoids any uncertainty or confusion which might arise from an online or postal will-writing service.

Our service includes:

Where possible, we aim to have your will written and completed within 4 weeks of us receiving your instructions.