Needlestick Injury Claim Success

Mackenzie Jones Solicitors have expertise in handling needlestick injury claims.

Recently, we handled a needle stick injury claim for a client who sustained a needlestick injury at work when, as part of his work duties, he was required to collect a bin containing clinical waste.

Unfortunately, on the day of the accident the bin had overflowed and clinical waste bags had been left on the floor.  Our client had to move those bags out of the way and whilst doing so he suffered a needlestick injury, with a loose needle pricking one of his fingers. 

Our client was petrified that he might have contracted one of a range of viruses or blood-borne diseases, including hepatitis C, hepatitis B and HIV.  He suffered an agonising wait of six months before he knew for definite whether or not he had been infected.

Fortunately, our client did not suffer any virus or blood-bourne disease, however the psychological impact of waiting anxiously for test results proved debilitating to the extent that he required significant time off work.

Mackenzie Jones Solicitors are pleased to confirm that we successfully recovered damages for the client to compensate him for the trauma and psychological distress caused by the needlestick injury.  He was also awarded a sum to reflect his loss of earnings.

If you have been affected by a needlestick injury or similar, please do not hesitate to contact our personal injury specialists for advice.