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Mackenzie Jones Information on Wills - Coronavirus

During the pandemic we have seen a big rise in demand for wills and because the legal requirements of the will are strict including:

It has made it very difficult for solicitors on the whole to put measures into place to ensure this is done safely, legally and effectively. The BBC are even reporting Wills being signed on car bonnets and witnesses observing through windows

As the article states we would also advise anyone who is thinking of writing a will seek professional advice, as wills from online templates are of risk of being illegal.

We’re very worried about how quickly the disease can take lives and the fact that visiting is not permitted in hospitals leaving families in limbo about inheritance.

Our Director Andrew Foley Jones has this message for you “We’re here to help you. Contact us to discuss any questions and we will be as pragmatic as we can to help get things across the line. We are in uncharted waters. Everyone has to adapt and try and keep things moving.”

If you have any concerns or questions about wills please get in touch with Andrew Reeve at Mackenzie Jones 01745 536030 or And we will do all we can to assist at this very difficult time.