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Holiday Park Sales

Thinking of selling a holiday park? Our team of experts have experience with several holiday park sales across the UK. Our clients’ needs are often specific to them, below are some ways in which we can assist in a holiday park sale process.

We have an excellent working relationship with many of the leading holiday park agents which assists in a smooth transaction.

Legal Due Diligence - We can conduct thorough legal due diligence to ensure that all aspects of the sale are in order. This includes reviewing contracts, leases, licenses, and any other legal obligations related to the holiday park.

Property Title Search - Our solicitors can verify the property's title and assess any encumbrances, easements, or other issues that may affect the sale.

Drafting & Reviewing Contracts - We can draft or review the sales contract and any associated agreements. This includes specifying the terms and conditions of the sale, the price, payment schedules, and any other contingencies.

Negotiating Terms - We are able to negotiate on behalf of the seller to ensure that the terms and conditions of the sale are favourable and are in compliance with legal requirements.

Compliance with Regulations - UK holiday parks are subject to various regulations including environmental, health and safety regulations and more. Our team of experts can ensure that the holiday park sale complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

Transfer of Licenses & Permits - If the operation of the holiday park requires licenses or permits, we can help to facilitate the transfer of these licenses to the new owner, ensuring that all legal requirements are met and can continue where necessary.

Resolving Disputes - If there are any disputes or legal issues related to the sale, our team of solicitors can work to resolve them in a way that is beneficial to the seller.

Financial Matters - Assisting with financial aspects of the sale, including handling escrow accounts, handling the transfer of funds in addition to ensuring that all financial aspects of the transaction are properly managed.

Title Insurance - In some cases, we may recommend or facilitate the purchase of title insurance to protect the buyer and seller from any unforeseen title-related issues.

Closing the Deal - We can help with coordinate the closing of the sale, ensuring that all legal requirements are met and that the transfer of ownership is properly executed.

Documentation & Filing - Assisting with the preparation, execution, and the filing of all necessary legal documents, including the transfer of the property title to the buyer.

Liability & Risk Assessment - We are also able to assess and address liability and risk management concerns, ensuring that the seller is protected from potential legal issues post-sale.

It's important to choose a solicitor with experience in property law and commercial transactions, particularly those involving selling holiday parks or similar businesses as these can often be complex. Working with an experienced solicitor like Mackenzie Jones who know this industry well can help ensure a smooth and legally compliant sale of a holiday park.

We can assist with any estate planning, the drawing up of wills and powers of attorney that the sale of the holiday park may necessitate.