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Holiday Park Purchases

The process of buying a holiday park involves several legal and regulatory aspects, and our team of experts can assist you in various ways -


Legal Due Diligence - Our solicitors will conduct thorough due diligence on the property to ensure that all legal matters are in order. This includes reviewing the property titles, leases, permits, and any existing contracts or legal obligations related to the holiday park you wish to purchase.

Drafting and Reviewing Contracts - We can draft or review the purchase contract to ensure it accurately reflects your interests and the agreed-upon terms. Our team can negotiate on your behalf and make sure the contract is both favourable and legally sound.

Title Search & Title Insurance - We will perform a title search to verify the property's title and assess any encumbrances or issues. We are also able to help you obtain title insurance to protect your interests in case of any title disputes that may arise.

Environmental & Health Compliance - We can ensure that the holiday park complies with all local environmental, health, and safety regulations. Whilst doing this we will also assess any potential environmental liabilities associated with the property.

Transfer of Licenses & Permits - If the operation of the holiday park requires licenses or permits, our solicitors can facilitate the transfer of these permits into your name, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.

Zoning & Planning Regulations - Our team can review the property's zoning and planning permissions to confirm that it's suitable for your intended use and any proposed changes.

Contract Contingencies - Our solicitors can help include any necessary contingencies in the contract, such as property inspections, financing conditions, or the resolution of specific issues.

Negotiation - Negotiating with the seller's legal representatives to ensure the terms and conditions of the purchase are fair and meet all your requirements.

Finalising the Deal - Our solicitors will oversee the finalization of the purchase, including the signing of legal documents and the transfer of ownership, paying any stamp duty land tax or land transaction tax and dealing with the registration of the transfer at the Land Registry.

Risk Assessment & Mitigation - We can assess potential legal risks and liabilities associated with the purchase and help mitigate them through appropriate contract provisions and risk management strategies.


Hiring a solicitor with expertise in commercial holiday park transactions and knowledge of the UK's specific laws and regulations is crucial. Our legal guidance will help you navigate the complexities of purchasing a holiday park, protecting your interests, ensuring a legally sound and smooth process.