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Clinical Negligence Claims

Each year millions of us in the UK will receive medical treatment. In almost all cases treatment will be of a high standard.

Unfortunately, in a small but significant number of cases patients can suffer personal injuries or even death a result of negligent medical treatment, whether by: 

Mackenzie Jones Solicitors are able to offer you advice and guide you through a potential claim for Medical Negligence (also known as Clinical Negligence). Our main focus will always be you and we understand how upsetting and traumatic it can be when a healthcare professional gets it wrong.

Our specialist Solicitors have expertise in pregnancy and maternal injury claims, spinal injury, adult brain injury, surgery claims, accident and emergency claims and claims against GP's. 

If you believe that you are the victim of medical negligence you will, no doubt, be concerned about the costs of pursuing your case, but if we think you have a good claim we will find a way of helping you.

No case is too unusual and we would advise you to contact us today on 01745 536030 about your medical negligence claim or complete one of our online call back forms to discuss what we can do for you.